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Snap it on, snap it off and have all the fun in between with Nasstoys BallGear Ball Stretcher Max with D-Ring. Yes, it's a mouthful of a name, but this playful vegan leather strap's function is super-simple! 

Circling the base of your or your partners testicles, the 2"/5.08cm band gently tugs on your/their scrotum, separating it from the body. If you're in the mood - or if your partner is - you can attach an extra weight, or even a leash thanks to an attached D-ring connector.  

Some penis-owing folks find that a good ball stretcher can help them last longer and make their eventual orgasm(s) more intense, and some just love the feeling of having their balls tugged. Whether or not any of those things hold true for you, the Ball Stretcher Max with D-Ring will look great, at the very least!

There are two possible snap positions on the band, so the Max will easily fit most scrotums. 

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