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While it's true that there are lots of places you and your partner could potentially play, sometimes there's nothing like the comfort of your own bed! 

This user friendly restraint system comes complete with all the beloved features of a classic bed bondage system, but it's packing a sexy twist. There'll be no need to go deep-diving under your mattress to set up the Bed Post Bindings Restraint Kit - you'll just need a bed with posts. 

Inside, you'll find 4 adjustable bedpost extensions, a soft velcro-closure cuff for each, plus a few more naughty goodies we'll get to in a moment. Slip the extensions over your (or your hotel room's) bedposts, clip on the cuffs, and play away. 

Because Shots is awesome, the Bed Post Bindings Restraint Kit includes a handful of accessories to enhance your bound-up plans. Three playful mainstays include a lovely satin eye mask, a classic flogger whip, and a pair of sexy dice. 

  • 4 Bedpost Extensions
  • 4 Soft Cuffs
  • Flogger
  • Satin Mask
  • Sexy Dice Set
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