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We obviously can't pass over such a perfect opportunity to mention Neil Young here, so let's just get it over with, shall we? If you've been searching for a Heart of Gold, you don't have to go to Hollywood, or Redwood, or cross an ocean, or mine anything. It's right here in dildo form, courtesy of Blush's Avant collection! 

Aside from a gorgeous pastel pink and purple colour palette with that namesake golden core, the D14 Heart of Gold features some seriously versatile styling and a shape perfect for anal penetration, pegging, G-spot seeking, prostate exploration and more. Gently swollen at the tip, the Heart of Gold slips smoothly and stealthily into any waiting orifice. A subtle natural curve and plenty of flexibility helps target inner sweet spots with or without manual massage.

Ideal for strap-on play of any kind, the D14's widespread circular base anchors into many O-ring or open-front harness systems. If strapping it on isn't your cup of tea, you can easily stabilize that same base against most smooth nonporous surfaces, because it's also a suction cup. Press it firmly to windows, walls, counter tops or floors for a hands-free ride.

The D14 (and all toys from Avant's line) comes to you in the safest, most hygienic material available - platinum cured silicone. Completely hypoallergenic, non-reactive and safe for sensitive skin, the D14 is also extra easy to clean. Some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam will do the trick for everyday clean up, but if you want to be really thorough, this plug can be boiled or bleached. The D14 is compatible with any favourite water-based lube, but please avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone toys/products.

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