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The Destiny Fleshlight sleeve is constructed from four individual chambers. Each chamber has its own unique texture and form of stimulation. The first chamber is made up from two different textures. The first half of this chamber is lined with semi-circular nubs which run length ways along the walls of the sleeve. These semi-circular nubs generate an intense pulsating effect which feels extremely enjoyable. The second half of this chamber is lined with small tic-tac shaped nubs. These tic-tac shaped nubs also generate a pulsating effect but much less intense.

Chamber two is lined with a ribbed texture. These ribs are well spaced out and quite thing. They generate a very mild tingling sensation as you move over them. The third chamber is lined with nubs that look very much like your front teeth. These tooth shaped nubs point towards the opening of the sleeve and generate a throbbing sensation which feels delightful especially when applied to the tip and most sensitive part of the penis.

The forth and final chamber is, like the second chamber, lined with a ribbed texture. However, the ribs in this final chamber are much larger than the second chamber so the level of stimulation is much more intense. The fact this chamber only comes into contact with the most sensitive part of the penis is what delivers such an explosive climax.

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