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The OhMyG is the first-ever completely silent female G-spot sex toy. The sleek and innovative design features a “pearl” at the top of the toy that is designed to precisely and directly massage your G-spot. The OhMyG’s smooth exterior and pearl feature deliver a sensation that rivals even the best, most intense sex you’ve ever had. If you’re ready to achieve a G-spot stimulation and orgasm that you cannot get with another sex toy, the OhMyG is your answer. 
  • The OhMyG features three pulse levels so you can choose the intensity. 
  • While other vibrators only have a curved tip, the c-shape design of the OhMyG allows the pearl to stimulate your G-spot each and every time. 
  • The OhMyG is completely silent and perfect for those who have roommates or children but still want to indulge in “me time”.
  • For every woman who wants to achieve an intense, toe-curling orgasm, the OhMyG is an absolute must-have.   

The G-Spot Wonder

The OhMyG is the first-ever completely silent female G-spot sex toy. The “pearl” at the top of the toy is designed to directly massage your G-spot that will rival even the greatest oral sex. Featuring a smooth exterior and C-shape design, the OhMyG offers a level of G-spot stimulation you just can’t get with another toy.

Find your spot

Unlike other vibrators, the OhMyG features a “pearl” and a C-shape design that allows you to stimulate your G-spot each and every time. To use, insert the toy into your vagina and turn it on by pressing the small button at the bottom. Play around with the position until you find your spot - and enjoy!

Self Pleasure

The OhMyG is completely silent - meaning you can indulge in “me time” whenever you’d like, wherever you’d like. Thanks to the three pulse settings, you can choose the intensity of your orgasm and even you have roommates, kids, or just a nosey neighbor, the OhMyG’s complete silence allows you to achieve an intense orgasm in peace.

Product Details

Product name: OhMyG
Waterproof: Protected against splashing of water
Stimulation: Precisely G-Spot Massage
Speed: 3-Speed Valuation
Product Size: 1-1/4 Diameter x 8-inch Length
Product Material: High Quality, Safe ABS, FDA grade Silicone
Color: White & Pink
Power supplier: USB C Rechargeable
Noise: <30 dB
User Time: 1-2h

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