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Add a little deviant play with the Master Series Chained Collar With Nipple and Clit Clamp Set.

With this Chained Collar With Nipple and Clit Clamp Set, you can connect your playthings sensitive areas while adorned with a seductive chain collar. The clamps feature vinyl-coated ends and will provide constant stimulation. Use your imagination, this devious set can be used on the male anatomy as well.

Take out this set and place each of the parts onto your partner; slide the chain around her neck to create a collar, place the clamps on their nipples and labia.

Women, you can put your male partner into this situation, as well. Attach the clamps to his nipples and cock, or maybe attach clamps to his testicles. You too can enjoy having your way with him.

When attached, you now can enjoy doing deviant acts to your partner. Tug on the chains and watch them react to the new pressure of the clamps.

Product Features:

  • Easily attach the clamps to various body parts
  • Works for women and men
  • Tug on the chain to apply new pressure and enjoy their reactions
  • Vinyl-coated tip for better grip and comfort
  • Weighted metal with real chain links

Product Details:

  • Colour: Black Tips, Silver Clamps and Chrome Chain
  • Weight (Product): 350 g (12.34 oz)
  • Weight (Include Package): 368 g (12.98 oz)
  • Length (Collar Chain): 279.4 mm (11")
  • Length (Nipple Chain): 304.8 mm (12")
  • Length (Labia Chain): 635 mm (25")
  • Length (Package): 100 mm (3.93")
  • Width (Package): 30 mm (1.18")
  • Thickness (Package): 210 mm (8.26")
  • Material: Metal, Vinyl
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