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A sturdy, adjustable set of Bull Nose Clamps from the Master Series, the OX duo's design is completely classic, tried, tested, true, and definitely deserving of a place of honor in any well rounded clamp collection.

Ultra secure and nice and  weighty, the clamps themselves can be tightened to your or your partner's perfect pinch level - just twist the screws to adjust tension between the rubber coated tips. 

Adding some very sexy weightiness and giving you / your partner something to grab onto, a 12.5" 30.5cm silvery chain links the two clamps. If you'd like a little weight along with your pinch, no problem! There's plenty of room to attach a weight of choice.

In metal and rubber, the Master Series OX Bull Nose Nipple Clamps should be spot cleaned as needed.

* The Clamps measure about 16.5"/42cm end to end. Each clamp is approximately 1.9"/4.8cm and .4"/1cm wide

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