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If, when you or your partner first lays eyes on the unique Shadow Ball Crop from Sex & Mischief, your/their response its 'yikes!' - you're not alone. Then again, you might look at long length and firm ball shaped tip and think 'oh yeah!'.  If you're in the second category, you'll most likely love no-nonsense look and all the  sensation you know it'll deliver. If you're in the 'yikes' school of thought, maybe we can change your mind?

Although it definitely has the potential for pleasurable pain, this play tool can also feel light as a feather- it all depends on the person wielding it. The Ball Crop is extremely lightweight, making it easy to swish and swing with precision. Plus, the black elastomer (TPE) ball tip is actually pretty plushy! It'll tease with a tap and bite with a harder swing. In either case, control is easy thanks to a firm black handle and wrist strap.

Spot clean as needed.

* The Shadow Ball Crop measures approximately 15" /38.1cm long, and the ball tip is about 1.6"/4.06cm

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