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Not to presume anything here, but we're betting that most penis owners have probably experimented with a stroker sleeve or three at one one time or another. Sometimes, though, there's just nothing like the reliable grip of the good ol' left or right...right? That brings us to The Gripper Beaded Grip Open Sleeve Masturbator. 

This completely unique open-faced stroker isn't trying to compete with your or your partner's hand - as if anything could. Instead, it places a lightweight, squeezable, super-textured half-sleeve IN your hand, adding  even more pleasure to quickie on-offs or more drawn out sessions.

In CalExotic's signature Pure Skin, the Gripper is soft on top and reliably firm underneath, perfect for precision placement and responsive sensation. The two wings curling up and over a rounded base stretch and flex as necessary, and will fit over and around just about any size penis.

Before and after playtime, wash The Gripper Beaded Grip Open Sleeve Masturbator thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good quality toy care fluid/foam/mist. Any favourite water-based lube will be compatible with the Gripper - use lots for a slippery, sexy good time.

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