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A uniquely flexible take on an adored couple's classic, the brand new We-Vibe Sync features dramatic flexibility, ultra precise positioning and compatibility with the ingenious We-Connect app. Providing ultimate closeness, the Sync bends, curves and angles at two possible points, easily fitting individual body contours and many sex positions.

Ensuring perfect placement for both partners, the Sync's shape can be customized, bending and flexing both at the neck and the stem of the internal portion. Increasing pressure against sweet spots, giving him a little more room or customizing for desired positions, the Sync's flexibility greatly intensifies pleasure potential.

Each silky, textured contact point contains a dedicated motor, both of which vibe and throb independently or in synchronicity, depending on the chosen vibe mode. The thicker textured end nestles agasint outer sweet spots as the spade shaped opposite side works internally. Specifically designed to be worn during sex, the smooth underside of the We-Vibe Sync's internal portion comfortably and effectively stimulates inner sweet spots along with a partner's penis or dildo.

Activate vibration by pressing a soft-touch switch on the Sync or by using the long range discreet little remote. Either option will cycle both We-Vibe's pleasure points through 10 in-built vibe modes. Better yet, install the Bluetooth wifi enabled We-Connect remote app on a smartphone or other device and play from halfway around the world. We-Connect unlocks many more ways to enjoy the Sync, from exclusive vibe modes including touch-controlled, custom creations and Beat (vibrates to music) to a secure chat function, and cam visuals to connect couples when apart.

Fully USB rechargeable, the Sync runs for approximately 90 minutes on a full change of 2 hours. A convenient standing charge dock doubles as a travel and storage case- place the Sync on the dock and hook up the included USB charge cord to a computer or compatible adapter.  Remote requires a replaceable CR2032 cell battery, which is included.

Assuredly body safe, We-Vibe Sync's high end silicone construction is hypoallergenic and extremely hygienic, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Sync's silky temperature receptive surface cleans easily using warm soapy water, and is compatible with any great quality water-based lubricant. Waterproof.

Colour - Purple

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