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Guys, trust us when we tell you that A LOT of research and some very sexy futuresque tech went into the making of the brand new Autoblow A.I. This completely unique, fully automatic stroker has been very, very busy blowing minds far and wide thanks to the truly tireless power, 10 intuitive (customizable!) blowjob styles and fully interchangeable sleeve potential, but don't worry, it's definitely not too busy to make all the bedroom / living room / kitchen appearances you need.

Tightening up a crowdfunding success story for the books, the Autoblow A.I comes courtesy of lots (and lots!) of demand from penis-owners craving the ultimate automatic blowjob. Unlike some auto strokers, the Autoblow A.I was designed with appliance-level quality- this thing is no 'toy' and was definitely built to last!

Okay, let's get into the Autoblow A.I's super-unique stroking functions. As fantastic as some automatic stokers can be, they often just don't offer the stroke timing, pressure changes or intensity variety that people crave. Enter the A.I! This stroker was created using artificial intelligence technology. Designers gathered over 109 hours of data from oral sex videos, which they then used to 'train' the Autoblow to give blowjobs using real life techniques. 

There are 10 possible blowjob experiences for you or your penis-owning partner to indulge in, from full strokes to teasing slow strokes, top strokes, bottom strokes, edging simulators and, the pièce de résistance, a fully A.I 'surprise' mode. Each mode can be paused, sped up or slowed down at any time for even more control over your big finish. The simple chrome controls are easy to manage, even in the heat of the moment.

All that A.I inspired action is possible thanks to a heavy duty motorized inner stroking mechanism powered by good old electricity. Plugging into any wall outlet, the Autoblow A.I is always ready to go, no need to worry about keeping batteries stocked or the unit charged. Designed for safety, an AC to DC converted adapter built in sends a very small amount of current through the unit- plus, the electrical components are isolated from the rest of the Autoblow A.I. Do NOT use in or around water.

Larger than previous Autoblow models, but still easy to hold, the Autoblow AI's double barreled casing is ergonomic and surprisingly lightweight. A super-soft silicone mouth sleeve slips easily into the center- this unit comes complete with a sleeve, but it can be used with others, too. 

When the fun's over for the moment, the included mouth sleeve pops easily out of the Autoblow A.I's casing for quick and easy clean-up. In a body safe silicone, the sleeve should be rinsed thoroughly (inside and out) using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Let the sleeve air dry completely before storage or re-insertion into the casing. As for the sturdy plastic case, it can also be cleaned using warm soapy water- Autoblow recommends a spray of antibacterial toy care fluid or foam for good measure. 

Lots of water-based lube is needed for the best possible experience, so please stock up before your test run. 

* The Autoblow A.I measures approximately 9.25"/23.5cm  in total length. It's about 7"/17.8cm wide and just over 4"/10.16cm tall
  • Orifice: Mouth
  • Length: 9.5"
  • Special Features: Closed End, Realistic, Vibrates
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