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We may be (definitely are!) stating the obvious here, but sharing some toe-curling, knee-trembling, heavy breathing pleasure with a partner always feels amazing. That super-close, ultra intimate togetherness is the whole point of sex, after all! If you've been looking for a way to share even more closeness, full-coverage firmness and a very sexy thumping sensation, CalExotic's Link Up Verge is definitely for you.

Not only does the Verge offer you and your partner a silkily snug ring showcasing the power of Verge's totally unique thumping action, but you'll also become the proud owners of a classic stationary support ring in matching navy silicone. Layer the Verge and the ring however you see fit - try looping the support ring over base and balls, or try it out over your/their scrotum alone. 

However you choose to combine your rings (you also can enjoy them one at a time, of course), the added constriction will only amplify the pleasure of Verge's ten thumping modes, all of which will be targeting your partner's clitoris, perineum and other outer sweet spots. Beneath the silky tip of the Verge ring, a firm little node pumps in and out, delivering that all tireless thumping. A simple button accessible by either partner activates and varies the rhythm.

Always ready with tireless power, the Verge powers up using an included USB charge cord. 

In high end hypoallergenic silicone, the Link Up Verge is body safe, virtually maintenance free and extremely easy to clean. Before and after playtime, scrub your Cock Ring under some warm soapy water, or use a favorite toy care fluid/foam, if you'd prefer. The Verge is compatible with any great quality water based lube, but please avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone toys/products. Waterproof. 

* The Verge stretches from approximately 1.4"/3.6cm in inner diameter. The support ring stretches from 1.5"/3.8cm

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