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From the creatures of the Candy G-String comes the Candy Posing Pouch for him. Lip-smacking elasticized candy pouch made from the same candy we wore as necklaces as kids! Something to sweetn` up the night any day of the week, one size fits most, but be careful if your partner is hungry. Candy pouch will look irresistible on his manhood. He will love you nibbling the pouch off one candy at a time. Enough candy for a menage a trois... now that sounds fun! A great way to add a tasty tittilation to your sex life.

Ingredients: Dextrose, amidon modifié de maïs, antiagglomérant : sels de magnésium d'acides gras, acidifiant : acide citrique, arômes, colorants E129 (Rouge 40), E102 (Jaune 5), E133 (Bleu)

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