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Once you are comfortable with the Fuze Step 1, you may progress to the Fuze Step 2 Silicone Dilator. The transition is made easier by the slight taper along the length of the dilator. All of our silicone is soft and flexible enough that moving to the next larger size should feel natural, not forced.

  • Pearlescent blue
  • Satin smooth surface
  • Shaft dimensions .75" wide X 4" insertable, total length 4.5"

Pelvic floor exercises may be an important part of your routine for a wide variety of reasons. These exercises commonly involve a series of dilators ranging from slim to wider.

Fuze created their original set of silicone dilators many years ago, consulting with a leading gynecologist and designing the various sizes to their exact specifications. For the latest, new and improved version of Fuze+ dilators, they have called on decades of experience, all the wonderful positive feedback they've received, and the results of new university research. Fuze combined all of the best features of the originals with enhanced ergonomics, refined design and a more flexible 100% medical grade silicone.

Every FUZE+ dilator has a unique ergonomic handle. It sits amazingly comfortably in your hand, and allows precise control of your dilator. Each dilator is perfectly smooth and gently tapers to a delicately sloped tip for easier insertion. Even the surface texture was specifically developed for the most relaxing and comfortable experience possible.

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