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Let's discuss cuffs, shall we? They're great, wonderful, fantastic even. We love cuffs, and if you're into bondage play, you probably do, too. Sometimes though, cuffs just aren't enough. Sure, they'll hold your/your partner's wrists or ankles up, down and out of the way, but what happens if you don't have a bedpost, strap, or sturdy piece of gear to hitch the cuffs to? 

Shots has your solution: the Luxury Spreader Bar. Along with a fixed 15.9" (40.3cm) bar in rugged aluminum, this handy (or legsy) kit includes a comfy pair of cuffs that pair perfectly with the Bar, plus tons of other bondage gear. In extra firm metal, the Spreader lets you (or them) decide when the cuffed partner's arms or legs should be (playfully) spread apart. 

Slip wrists or ankles through each soft neoprene lined patent cuff to capture both their limbs and undivided attention. Sturdy swivel clasps connect to D-ring on the cuffs themselves, the rings at either end of the Spreader Bar, or just about any other restraint system. They adjust to fit just about any wrist or ankle size.

Once they (or you) are locked to the bar, things get really interesting! The bar, aside from acting as a simple spreader, can also be used as a position aid - it's something to hang onto when legs are up in the air, for example.

Spot cleaned as needed.

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