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Sexy, soft and ultra strong, Shots Ouch! collection presents a full 5 meters of knot-able, twist-able, whip-able rope for your perfect pleasure. There's a full 16.4 feet (5m) of rope to work with, handing you and a playful partner lots of room to experiment with all sorts of of trussed-up scenarios. 

Super stretchy and very resilient, the Rope springs back to its original shape when tension is released. No matter how its tied, looped or otherwise fastened, the supple rope stays in place and won't snap, it's fantastic for simply tying up wrists and ankles, but also works very well for more elaborate restraint creations. 

The super smooth, incredibly hygienic silicone material feels pleasurably velvety against the skin, warming naturally to body temperature as you play, plus, it won't pull at body hair. Clean-up is a breeze afterward, just swish the Rope through some warm soapy water.

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