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Ahh good old indecision. It happens to the best if us. We can't help you with most of those tough (or just plain irritating) life decisions,  but we can make deciding which sex toy to pull out of the drawer a littler easier. Evolved's Tiny Treasures Mini Vibe and Sleeve Set contains four silky silicone pleasure possibilities, plus a powerful mini vibe. There, you don't have to decide at all!

Let's explore. First, you have a firm, sexily tapered mini vibe with seven possible speeds and rhythms of super-stimulating vibration. As if that weren't enough, you'll also find four completely unique silicone attachments that slip easily over the tip of the vibe. One is a flat, textured treat, one features tickly bunny ears, and the remaining two are softly pointed and strategically slanted and textured, respectively.

Direct your Tiny Treasures with or without on of the included sleeves to your or your partners clit, nipples, penis, perineum, (outer) butt and beyond. This vibe is definitely meant for external play time, please keep it outside your or your partners body.

In ABS plastic plus hypoallergenic high end silicone, the Tiny Treasures Mini Vibe and Sleeve Set is extremely body safe and extra easy to clean and maintain. If you'll be using a lube, please go for a favourite water based formula. Silicone lubes and contact with other silicone toys and products should be avoided. USB rechargeable, cord included. Waterproof.

* Please note that the measurements provided represent the Four Play bullet with no attachment in place.

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